About Us

In early 2016, I was asked to assist a company with their exit interviews. In preparation, they sent us a copy of a completed exit interview on the form they were using at the time.  If the information it contained was only half true, it should have concerned the company owners enough that they would immediately want to investigate.  The problem, from my perspective, was the information couldn’t be easily compared with other exit interviews to determine if the problem was an isolated occurrence or part of a larger issue.  It was clear to me that employers needed a tool that could not only acquire that type of information but also produce reports that could help them quickly identify problems within their organization.

I believe EZexitinterview.com does both.  Its goal is to be “easy” for both the company and former employee.  The questions are simple and straightforward.  The respondent’s identity is protected (or not – their choice).  They can use their computer or mobile device to respond and also have the opportunity to provide as much detail as they’d like.  The company receives actionable information in a format that is both easily understood and then distributed, if needed, within the organization.  Finally, scheduled or ad hoc reporting is available to provide a macro or micro view of turnover patterns.  In my opinion, this is EZEI’s greatest value.

Over the past ten years, the demand and competition for quality employees has greatly increased and it will only continue to do so.  The organizations that wish to compete and remain viable will have to constantly review its hiring and retention practices.

EZexitinterview.com is designed to help them do that.

John Pate – Founder, CEO

Since 1979, John Pate has been a student of the hiring and retention process.  He’s developed programs for organizations of all sizes and, from 1998 to 2003, worked with BTi Employment Screening Services and ChoicePoint – the world’s largest provider of public records at the time.  In 2004, he founded LS Screening, a pre-employment screening company that currently supports over 1000 companies operating in all 50 states.  In 2008, he wrote “You and Your Data,” a primer for job seekers displaced by the Great Recession, that explains how employers’ use of data affects their job search.